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Aspendos Plus

Bioclimatic Systems, which can be applied in every space, offer folding and gathering movements, which no other sunroof system in the world offers. Thanks to aluminum lamellas that can be opened at any angle, it provides the opportunity to benefit from daylight at the desired rate.
Thanks to the folding movement of the aluminum lamellas, it does not lose its shading feature when ventilating from the roof. Even when the system is open, it provides ventilation without being affected by rain and snow, thanks to specially designed profiles.
Thanks to the folding movement of the aluminum lamellas, the external cleaning of the panels can be cleaned from the inside without the need to go up to the roof. It is colored with electrostatic painting; Application is made in any desired color. It is long-lasting thanks to the electrostatic painting. Bioclimatic Systems is the best solution for places such as restaurants and cafes where the smoking ban is enforced.


1) All profile components used in the system are ALUMINUM.
2) Aluminum profiles used in the system are 6063 – T6 F25 (7580 Briner Hardness).
3) The most important feature of the system is that the lamellas are corrugated inside so that dust, water, etc. on the upper part do not spill down during the movement of the lamellas.
4) The system can be mounted flat when necessary and inclined when necessary. Since there are grooves on all four sides, water intake is prevented without any inclination. Water is discharged from the front foot profiles.
5) Panels work axially and have the ability to retract when requested. (This feature is important in terms of making ventilation and shading at the same time)
6) Since the aluminum lamellas used in the system cause darkness in the space, lighting is provided by using a glass panel occasionally.
7) Metal accessories are first galvanized and then painted with electrostatic oven paint. Lamels move comfortably and silently thanks to 608 ZZ stainless bearings.
8) Panels should be able to be opened axially at a minimum angle of 100 degrees. (It is important to cut the sunlight coming from the facade)
9) The opening-closing movement of the ceiling cover can be used with remote control and optional android or apple control. (Optional rain, sun, wind sensors provide comfort for 4 seasons. 1
0) All aluminum profiles are painted with electrostatic powder paint technology.
11) It moves with a T-10 timing belt between the engine and the moving mechanism. 1
2) The screws used in the system are chrome-stainless.
13) Flange application screws must be M8*80 Jacketed Steel dowels and galvanized coating. (In order not to damage the floor insulation)
14) The wicks to be used in the system are EPDM heat resistant.
15) Polyurethane filling foam is used inside the lamellas for thermal insulation and impermeable adhesive is used in water insulation.
16) The system to be used has 2 (two) years of engine and 2 years of mechanical warranty.
17) Each system module consists of vertical and horizontal carrier profiles, vertical main carriers must be 128*170*3, horizontal main carriers 128*170*3 mm.
18) System modules have static properties to meet 50kg+25kg/m² distributed load and 50kg/m² wind load.
19 ) Night lighting is provided with hidden LED application on 4 sides of the system. With dimmer light receiver, the power can be decreased or increased.