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Likya Series Fixed Glass Ceiling System

Likya Series Fixed Glass Ceiling System

Fixed glass ceilings are a popular design element in modern architecture that creates an eye-catching aesthetic appearance. These glass ceilings are an excellent choice for customers who want to provide more natural light to the interiors of structures, create a spacious feeling and enjoy the natural environment. Fixed glass ceilings offer a wide range of designs and can be used in any building style.

In addition to the aesthetic advantages that glass ceilings provide to customers, they also offer practical advantages such as energy saving, low maintenance costs and durability. Fixed glass ceilings direct sunlight into the interior spaces, making the interiors feel warmer and brighter. Fixed glass ceiling system, Winperax ceiling curtain systems can be integrated to protect from unwanted sunlight. Glass ceilings are also known for their low maintenance requirements. Fixed glass ceiling systems are specially produced for customers with self-corrugated aluminum profiles specially designed by Winperax R&D, which can be made for winter gardens, Decking terraces and balconies. These ceilings, which are easy to maintain, are durable enough to be used for many years.

Fixed glass ceilings are used in many different places such as offices, hotels, shopping malls and homes. These ceilings are an excellent choice for anyone interested in the use of natural light and open spaces in modern architecture. Fixed glass ceilings offer aesthetic, practical and economic advantages. You have come to the right address for your needs related to glass ceilings.


1- The glasses used in the system can be applied as tempered insulating glass or tempered laminated insulating glass.
2- Thanks to the insulating glass we apply in the system, thermal insulation is provided.
3- The size of the single piece of glass to be used in the system is 400x100 cm maximum.
4- The carrier aluminum rails have dimensions of 60x120x1.6 mm. Carrier rail is added to the system with every 100 cm distance.
5- If the side facade length is longer than 400 cm, it can be supported with steel profiles and can be made as a maximum of 800 cm.
6- Optional led lighting is provided in the system.
7- The front foot profile in the system dimensions 90x130x2.5 mm.
8- The front groove profile used in the system dimensions 190x147x2 mm. It also has a self-tilt feature.
9- The rear wall connection profile dimensions 69x191x2 mm. It also has a self-tilt feature.
10- The system is painted with electrostatic powder coating.
11- The system is guaranteed for a period of 2 years.