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W60 Fixed Joinery Systems

W60 Fixed Joinery Systems

W60 is an uninsulated door, window and storefront system. W60 fixed joinery systems are construction materials that stand out with their robustness and durability. These systems, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, are also appreciated with various color options.

W60 fixed joinery profiles that are often preferred especially for joinery works, provide high fittings and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to its durable structure, it provides long-lasting use. In addition, since it contains aluminum material, it also eliminates problems such as rusting or rotting. W60 fixed joinery systems are a material that can be manufactured in different sizes and dimensions. They can be manufactured in special sizes for different projects and gives an aesthetic appearance to the place where they are used. Also, these systems are hygienic and easy to clean. They offer easy installation and does not require maintenance.


1- Aluminum profiles have a depth of 60 mm.
2- The profile wall thickness is 2 mm.
3- EPDM gasket is used for insulation in the system.
4- The fact that the corner turns in the profiles are Radius provides an aesthetic visual appearance.
5- Apart from the standard 40x80mm standard meeting rail in the system, 80x120mm wide meeting rail can be used upon request.
6- 4+12+4 mm double glazing and 8 mm single glazing can be applied in the system.
7- The aluminum system is painted with electrostatic powder coating