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Automatic glass and ceiling systems

-Sky Phaselis

Automatic Glass Roof System is a ceiling system that can be opened and closed with a remote control. The thermal insulation of the windows saves you energy. It protects from cold and heat and at the same time gives the opportunity to use daylight. You get the opportunity to watch the sky during the day and the stars at night. It turns indoor areas into outdoor areas.


1) 4+16+4 and 4+11+4+4 laminated tempered double glazing is applied.
2) Thanks to the insulating glass we apply on the windows, thermal insulation is provided.
3) It can be optionally made with 2,3,4, and 5 partitions in the direction of opening.
4) Side rails do not require steel construction up to 650 cm opening thanks to 182*117 dimensions and 3 mm wall thickness.
5) Maximum facade and opening single module can be applied up to 200 * 400 cm or facade opening single module can be applied up to 135 * 800 cm. Thus, the sky image quality is at the highest level.
6) 8 stainless steel bearings are used on each wing, which allows the windows to move in a balanced way on the side rails.
7) Maximum waterproofing is provided thanks to the extra gutter system connected to the side rails.
8) The front foot dimensions in the system are 128*170 x 3 mm. The dimensions of the front gutter are 170 * 128 x 3 mm.
9) Thanks to the add-on side rails in the system, in case of modification and glass breakage, modification can be done easily without dismantling the product.
10) Systems can be controlled via remote control, button and mobile phone. Optional rain, sun and wind sensors can be added.
11) T-10 timing belt is used for the windows to move in a balanced way. At the same time, it does not require a lock when in a closed position.
12) Hidden LEDs are used for optional lighting in the system. The light level can be adjusted thanks to the dimmer.
13) Optionally, the retractable roof system developed by WINPERAX can be used under the system.