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Lux & Shutter System

This system is the Luxe & Curtained System that we have produced in order to respond to the requests of our valued customers in the best way possible.
The purpose of the Lux & Curtained System, which is a perfect system suitable for the intended use of the folding glass system, is to turn off the winter system and turn your balcony into a glass room, allowing you to benefit from the sun. You can block the sun by lowering the curtains, in the same system. In regions with hot climates such as the Mediterranean, you can cut the sun as much as you want by lowering the curtains on the system, even when you open the windows in summer.
The curtains of the curtain system are kept inside the upper case. In case of malfunction or wear of the curtain, it can be intervened by opening the front cover.
The visual pollution caused by the curtains inside the balcony has been eliminated thanks to the Lux & Curtained System. Since the curtains are independent of the windows, a curtain application can be made either according to each glass or on both windows. Lux & Curtained System has been designed in WINPERAX R&D keeping customer satisfaction, quality and easy installation in mind. Profile design and registration is documented by TPE (Turkish Patent Insitute).

1) System width can be applied up to 290 cm in length and 1.100 cm in additional part width.
2) In areas where the wind is effective, it is made more resistant with 10 glass options.
3) Thanks to the 1st quality polyamide coating inside the steel, the bearings do not rust.
4) Thanks to the rain gutter developed by WINPERAX, the risk of water intake has been reduced to 5%. Profile wall thicknesses are between 2 and 4.5 mm depending on the task.