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Premium hanging system

Premium Folding Door System is a system we have designed for shopping malls, hotel halls, cafes, patisseries, stores and winter gardens.
It hangs on top carrier construction and aluminum rails.
When the windows are folded, since there are no profile rails, etc. mechanisms on the floor, it provides spacious and modern environments by eliminating the restrictions in the space, unwanted view and loss of space.
Since the system can be folded thanks to its sliding wings, complete security can be achieved thanks to 10 mm thick tempered glass in this system, which provides complete integrity between indoor and outdoor spaces.
Premium Folding Door System has been designed in WINPERAX R&D with customer satisfaction, quality and easy installation in mind. Profile design and registration is documented by TPE (Turkish Patent Insitute).

1) Since there will be no aluminium rail at the bottom in the Premium Folding Door System, the load of the glasses is given to the top and the glasses are supported with hard plastic pins by punching them. The reason why hard plastic pins are preferred is that the risk of metal screws breaking the glass is high during the folding of the glasses.
2) When the windows are completely closed, the mechanism that needs to be fixed to the floor is aesthetically designed as there is no rail underneath.
3) Since the bearings used in the Premium Folding Door System are vertical bearings, not horizontal ones, they carry the weight of the glass more easily.
4) Wing widths can be used between 60-130 cm, height can be increased up to 400 cm. There are 8 bearings on each wing.
5) Aluminum wall thickness is 5.5 mm. The wing head weight of the system is 40-70 kg.
6) In the system, bristle wicks pressing on the side case are preferred. Thanks to this characteristic, isolation is provided. Since special apparatuses are used on the upper rail during the turn of the wings, there is a parking space that can easily rotate without effort. It can be used in the partition system in the same series.
7) In the partition system, since the carrier is from the center, it does not require a carrier iron construction at the top and any action on the ceiling.
8) Insulation is provided with aluminum wicks used between two glasses.