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Ultra Heat & Jalousie system

Ultra Thermopane Glazed & Blind System is a system designed because of the heat loss in the closed space in normal folding glass systems.
More heat, sound and water insulation are considered.
Heat insulated glass combination 4+22+4 double-sided tempered glass is used.
Aluminum intermediate wick is used at the junction of the two glasses. At the junction of each glass, a double-sided bristle wick attached to aluminum parts is used.
It is a perfect product for those who want to turn their balcony into a room.
Ultra Thermopane Glazed & Blind System has been designed in WINPERAX R&D with customer satisfaction, quality and easy installation in mind. Profile design and registration is documented by TPE (Turkish Patent Insitute).

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR ULTRA THERMOPANE GLAZED & BLIND SYSTEM 1) System width can be used up to 1100 cm and system height up to 300 cm. The recommended height is 250 cm.
2) 4 wheels and 8 bearings are used in a wing. It moves very easily as each bearing is given equal load.
3) It is a product that can operate from the bottom rail and the top rail. The gutter system designed by WINPERAX is used in the bottom case and is rainwater proof.
4) 4+20+6mm double-sided tempered double glazing system can also be used in areas that see a lot of wind.
5) The reason for considering a 22 mm gap between two glasses is for the applicability of the blind system. The system is a kind of thermopane and blind system.
6) All the accessories of the system are made in our own factory ,using our CNC machines.